SPEED PLATE is thermoformable and molds to your foot, customizing your skates for optimal balance and stability.

Increasing your surface contact with the foot and blade, as well as reducing negative space, gives you more control for faster acceleration.


 The best skaters have the best balance. With SPEED PLATE, you can align your center of pressure directly over your blades for enhanced balance and improved stability

 Find solid footing and skate with stability in the footbed that fits the shape of your foot perfectly. Get the control you need to stay on top of your game all season long.

Your foot shape can change over time. SPEED PLATE is thermoformable, allowing you to remold and reheat countless times for full customization and a precision fit.

SPEED PLATE thermaformable skate image

  1. Bake SPEED PLATES in BAUER skate oven until thermo- chromatic ink on arch disappears
  2. Remove SPEED PLATES from oven, place in skates and lace up
  3. Stand for 30 sec. and then sit for 2 min. to allow SPEED PLATES to fully cool and set
  4. SPEED PLATES are now molded to feet and skates for optimal balance and stability


  • Recovery Alloy technology for on-the-spot customized fitting
  • Grip applications for foot stability and reduced slippage
  • Mid-density top foam covering in high impact landing zones
  • Easy trim and fit with cut-line indicator
  • Thermo-chromatic print applications for easy to customize guidelines
  • 3-12 full only (trim-to-fit half sizes)

This product is warranted against defects in manufacturing and workmanship per the following terms:


90 days from the consumer date of purchase

Who Should I Contact?

If it is within 90 days of your purchase, please return to the retailer where you purchased your item for assistance with warranty. While warranty exceptions are unlikely, if it has been more than 90 days since your purchase and you have the original receipt from an authorized BAUER dealer, you may contact us: