Bauer Supreme One.Matrix Senior Shoulder Pads - Source Exclusive

The Bauer Supreme Matrix shoulder pads are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on the Bauer 190 stock model with upgrades added to provide better value and protection. As well, Bauer has tweaked the visuals to provide the Matrix with a sleek all-black look very similar to the MX3 top end model. Staying with the fit of the Supreme line, the Matrix uses anatomical fit properties to provide a natural, close-to-the-body fit that helps achieve maximum power with every movement.

The shoulder caps have been upgraded to that of the MX3 and are constructed of exposed molded vent armour foam. This foam provides light-weight and breathable protection in the shoulder caps and other key areas of the pad to help dissipate impacts. This protective foam as mentioned, is also found in the side panels of the front body area as well as the sternum and spine areas. In the spine, to accompany the vent armour, HD foam helps to provide protection. In the sternum, PE inserts and Poron XRD foams also provide ultra-high density protection.

The biceps of the Matrix feature Bauer’s free flex two piece construction that allows free floating protection to move with the body and creates protection that sits closer to the body. The bicep guards are also adjustable in height to customize a fit that’s right for every player. To finish the pad, a Thermo Max liner runs along the inside, wicking away moisture and providing great comfort.

Products Features

  • Added MX3 shoulder cap construction
  • Blacked out 'MX3' coloring
  • Poron XRD foam in sternum protection

    Feature Description
    Category Performance
    Sternum Protection Poron XRD w/ PE Inserts & Vent Armour Foam
    Spine Protection HD Foam & Vent Armour
    Caps Molded Vent Armour
    Bicep Free Flex Construction / Adjustable
    Clavicle Protection Molded HD Foam
    Removable Abdominal Protection Yes
    Liner Thermo Max
    Warranty 90 Days
    Sizes Sr S-XL

    Sizing Information

    Bauer Supreme Senior Shoulder Pads Sizing Chart
    Shoulder Pad Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Age (years) 14+ 14+ 15+ 15+
    Height (ft) 5'5" - 5'9" 5'7" - 5'11" 5'9" - 6'1" 5'11" - 6'3"
    Weight (lbs) 120 - 160 140 - 180 160 - 200 180 - 220+
    Chest (in) 36" - 40" 38" - 42" 40" - 44" 42" - 46"

    Bauer Supreme Shoulder Pads Fit

    The Bauer Supreme line is designed to provide ‘Supreme’ coverage. Segmented body panels and an anatomically cut body provides a natural, close-to-the-body fit that helps players achieve maximum power with every motion.

    At The Hockey Shop, we believe a shoulder pad should ultimately offer you’re the protection you need, in addition to being mobile and comfortable. Some preference is involved in the overall fit of the pad, but we find sizing the pads based on a chest measurement is a very accurate measure. Once you have this measurement, you can match to the sizing charts.