CCM RIBCOR 50K Pump Senior Skates


The 2015 CCM Ribcor 50K senior hockey skate is designed for the elite level hockey player with advanced features to increase comfort, agility, speed and overall performance on the ice.

With the advanced Pump™ Technology, the 2015 Ribcor skate family feels better than ever offering a more efficient fitting system and a continued pro level fit that the Ribcor family of skates is known for.

The SpeedBlade 4.0 holder has become a staple for CCM skates, which has a 4mm profile height increasing the angle of attack allowing tighter turns and a 10% increased turning radius allowing a better pursuit of the puck or opponent without bottoming out.


Pump: The Advanced Pump™ is efficient for personalized fit with added comfort.

Quarter Package: The Ribcor Elite enhanced pro ribbed reinforcement harnesses flexion for maximum power.

Core: Heat-moldable FlexCore for a lightweight and thermo-formable core for maximum comfort and reactiveness.

Liner (Senior Skate): Dual zone with tacky nash and Clarino

Midsole: Composite midsole for a lightweight and increased support for enhanced blade to boot interface.

Outsole: Carbon composite outsole for a lightweight structure that maximizes energy transfer from boot to blade.

Footbed: Griptonite reduces foot movement to increase energy transfer.

Tongue: Lightweight TriGuard tongue with enhanced lace bite protection for maximum fit and comfort protecting from lace bite.

Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0 holder is 4mm higher providing a better angle of attack for tighter turns and an increased turning radius.

Runner: SpeedBlade Black is treated for a longer edge life and resistance to corrosion keeping the blade sharper longer.

Sizes: 6-12 D, EE Full / Half + 13 EE Full