CCM RIBCOR Reckoner Grip Junior Composite Stick

The engineers at CCM have brought the Ribcor line to the next level with the Ribcor Reckoner. Both the shaft and the blade constructions have been optimize and a Pop Matrix technology keeps the unbelievable shots coming. The Pop Matrix technology maximizes performance by keeping performance fibers in tension while being protected by outer layers. This allows for an even quicker and more efficient energy transfer. Unlike years past, the ‘ribs’ are not visible on the outside of the stick. To complement the Pop Matrix, a shaft with TECHNORA reinforcement is used and has aramid fibers to provide incredible durability while not compromising on performance.

The Reckoner keeps a low kick point that loads easily for a quick release and has a power taper ratio of 3:1. This means that additional vertical stiffness on the shaft wastes less energy and transfer more energy into the blade and through the puck. A redesigned ascent blade is also featured on the stick. This blade is not only lighter but it has been optimized to provide a great feel due to a softer heel and a great release due to the constant increase in stiffness from heel to toe of the blade.

Products Features

Feature Description
Category Elite
Materials PopMatrix Technology
Length 52"
Flex Point Mid
Grip Grip
Shaft Shape Technora Reinforcement
Blade Construction Ascent Blade
Taper Power Taper Ratio
Made In China
Warranty 30 days
Flex Options 50, 40