The CCM 1052 Pro Tacks elbow pads are a Source for Sports exclusive model based on 2052 Tacks with upgrades from the 2052 Tacks pads. In addition, styling on the elbow have also been upgraded to give it more durability and a sleeker look. The 1052 Pro mimics the 6052 Tacks ‘look’ by running the same color options and by adding an inner yellow liner. In addition, the fabric of the pad has been upgraded to the fabric on the 2052 adding extra value and durability and dual color graphics add that extra little bit.

The elbow cap of the 1052 Pro has been upgraded to a JDP PE cap with segmented foam covering from the 2052. This cap uses technology from when Jofa was around to better disperse impacts away from the elbow joint. Up top, an extended floating bicep hugs tight to the arm and offers additional protection to keep you safe at all times.

To fasten the pad, a two strap system with an overlapping lock strap secures the pad tight to the arm. The overlap strap hugs the forearm tight to secure the pad and locks across the forearm protection to enhance comfort and provide a tight fit while playing.


  • Source For Sports Exclusive upgrades
  • Upgraded JDP elbow cap with segmented foam covering
  • Fabric upgraded to 2052 Tacks
  • Upgraded dual color graphics with 6052 'look' and yellow liner


    Products Features

    Feature Description
    Category Recreational
    Design Two-Piece
    Cap JDP Cap w/ Segmented Foam Cover
    Bicep Protection Extended & Floating
    Forearm Protection Molded Foam
    Liner Yellow Nylon
    Strapping System Two / Elastic & Velcro
    Warranty 90 Days
    Sizes S-XL

    Sizing Information

    CCM Senior Elbow Pads Sizing Chart
    Elbow Pad Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Age (years) 14+ 14+ 15+ 15+
    Height (ft) 5'4" - 5'7" 5'7" - 5'10" 5'10" - 6'2" 6'0"+
    Weight (lbs) 120 - 160 140 - 180 160 - 200 180 - 220+
    Shoulder Pad to Glove Length (in) 12" - 13" 13" - 14" 14" - 15" 15"+