CCM Tacks 4052 Pro Senior Shoulder Pads

The CCM 4052 Pro Tacks shoulder pad is based on the CCM 4052 Tacks with upgrades from the Ultra Tacks and 6052 Tacks. In addition to protection upgrades, CCM offers visual upgrades as well to add value and set the 4052 Pro Tacks apart from the rest. The 4052 Pro mimics the Ultra Tacks styling with chrome jewel logos on the sternum and shoulders caps and rib protection logos. The inner fabric of the ventilated and molded foam armour protection and liner has been changed to yellow.

Protection is offered with upgrades to the bicep and shoulder caps. Both taken from the 6052 Tacks, the bicep guards have been changed to a molded HD foam for a better fit and higher grade protection. For the shoulders, a dual core PE shoulder cap has added with exposed foam covering to the caps and clavicle area of the shoulders. This exposed foam is extremely lightweight and water resistant which enables the pad to offer high end protection at a minimal weight.

This exposed foam is also featured on the floating sternum and spine protection again to offer better protection against impacts. Another upgrade to the 4052 Pro is the elastic straps, taken from the Ultra Tacks, these elastic straps offer a tighter fit and better longevity. As well, the shoulder pad offers a removable belly pad for extended protection and a customized fit.

Source Exclusive Upgrades include molded bicep protection and dual core PE shoulder caps with exposed foam coverage as seen on the 6052. Additionally, the shoulder pads feature the Ultra Tacks look with ventilated molded foam armor and yellow liner.

Products Features

  • Source For Sports Exclusive upgrades:
  • Upgraded Dual Core PE shoulder caps
  • Added elastic straps from Ultra Tacks
  • Added ventilated molded foam liner with yellow inner
  • Feature Description
    Category Performance
    Sternum Protection Floating Exposed Foam
    Spine Protection Floating Exposed Foam
    Caps Dual Core PE Caps w/ Exposed Foam
    Bicep Molded HD Foam / Adjustable
    Clavicle Protection Exposed Foam
    Removable Abdominal Protection Yes
    Liner Ventilated, Molded Foam Armour w/ Yellow Tacks Liner
    Warranty 90 Days
    Sizes S-XL