CCM Tacks 6052 Senior Shoulder Pads

The CCM 6052 Tacks shoulder pads are designed to provide high end protection with good value. The Tacks line redefines the standards by adding innovative D3O Smart Foam technologies to the shoulder caps. This smart foam is engineered to react to fluctuating intensities of impacts. D3O keeps its soft consistency to absorb low impacts and then immediately harden upon higher impacts to protect against big hits.

The 6052 Tacks is designed to provide an anatomical fit to the body that provides a snug, secure feel. An adaptable shoulder system used on the pad secures the caps to the bicep as well as the clavicle area to prevent the shoulder pads from lifting upwards upon impact while maintaining full adjustability. Keeping with customization of the pad, the 6052 offers a removable belly pad in the front to provide a customized fit with professional level protection.

Protection wise, the liner and padding is made up of ventilated and molded foam armour. This provides cool comfort and enhance breathability while acting as both a moisture wicking liner and a protective foam. The sternum protects with molded, floating foam with PE inserts. The shoulder caps are PE covered with molded foam and D3O smart foam offers reinforcements providing lightweight, rate sensitive protection.

Products Features

  • Adaptable shoulder system prevents caps from lifting upwards
  • Ventilate molded foam armour provides cool comfort
  • D3O Smart foam reats to varying impacts intensities

    Feature Description
    Category Performance
    Sternum Protection Molded Floating Foam w/ PE
    Spine Protection Molded, Floating Foam
    Caps Dual Core PE Caps w/ D3O Smart Foam
    Bicep Molded HD Foam / Adjustable
    Clavicle Protection Exposed Foam
    Removable Abdominal Protection Yes
    Liner Ventilated , Molded Foam Armour
    Warranty 90 Days
    Sizes S,M,L

    Sizing Information

    Small 24” - 28” | 61 - 71 cm 4’0” - 4’8” | 122 - 142 cm
    Medium 28” - 32” | 71 - 81 cm 4’4” - 5’0” | 132 - 152 cm
    Large 32” - 36” | 81 - 91.5 cm 4’8” - 5’4” | 142 - 162 cm