The 6052 Tacks elbow pads offer high end protect with good value. The 6052 redefines the standards by adding innovative D3O Smart Foam technologies to the elbow cap. This smart foam is engineered to react to fluctuating intensities of impacts. D3O keeps its soft consistency to absorb low impacts and then immediately harden upon higher impacts to protect against big hits.

To fasten the pad, a lycra strap tightens across your forearm to lock the pad in place, and a forearm lock strap fastens tighter to the arm to reduce shifting or any movement. This strap system allows the pad to offer a fully customized fit while enhancing comfort.

The elbow cap features a JDP inspired PE cap reinforced with D3O smart foam designed to disperse the force of the impact away from the elbow joint and offer lightweight pro level protection. The bicep guard of the pad is designed to float independently of the elbow cap to keep the protection against your arm at all angles. Molded foam armour is the main form of protection keeping the weight at a minimum offering protection against high impact forces. The forearm protection is also molded foam armour to keep you protected against all impacts. 

Products Features

Feature Description
Category Performance
Design Two-Piece
Cap PE Cap w/ D3O Smart Foam Reinforcement
Bicep Protection Molded Foam Armour
Forearm Protection Molded Foam Armour
Liner Nylon
Strapping System Three / Lycra , Elastic & Velcro
Warranty 90 Days
Sizes S-XL


  • Molded Foam armour provides high density protection
  • JDP inspired cap w/ D3O smart foam protects the elbow
  • Floating bicep guard keeps protection against your body
  • Sizing Information

    CCM Senior Elbow Pads Sizing Chart
    Elbow Pad Size Small Medium Large Extra Large
    Age (years) 14+ 14+ 15+ 15+
    Height (ft) 5'4" - 5'7" 5'7" - 5'10" 5'10" - 6'2" 6'0"+
    Weight (lbs) 120 - 160 140 - 180 160 - 200 180 - 220+
    Shoulder Pad to Glove Length (in) 12" - 13" 13" - 14" 14" - 15" 15"+