CCM Ultra Tack Senior Shin Pad 

The CCM Ultra Tacks shin pads are designed with state-of-the-art protection in mind. Ultra Tacks redefines the standards by adding innovative D3O Smart Foam technologies to the shin cap. This smart foam is engineered to react to fluctuating intensities of impacts. D3O keeps its soft consistency to absorb low impacts and then immediately harden upon higher impacts to protect against big hits.

An anatomical removable liner with segmented shin padding lines the inside of the Ultra Tacks to allow for easy maintenance and a custom fit. This liner also features a knee cut-out to provide an easier and more secure landing place for your leg. As well, to add strength and support to the PE caps, a molded foam armor base liner provides another layer of protection. Attaching the pad to the leg, a reinforced neoprene lock strap grabs the leg right above the calf and holds you tight to prevent rotation of the pad while playing. This lock strap works alongside a second elastic strap that locks the anatomical calf wrap in place.

The calf wrap itself is dual molded anatomical, exposed HD foam. This enables the pad to provide lightweight extended protection designed to wrap fully around the back of the leg for the most protection possible. Adding customization, the molded foam thigh guard is removable and adjustable to add additional mobility to your game. To finish the pad, the knee and shin caps are made of Molded PE with the shin cap being anatomically shaped and ribbed for a better fit and impact dispersal. The knee cap is lined with reinforces D3O foam to protect your knee against various impacts.


  • PE Cap w/ D3O smart foam reinforcement keeps you protected
  • Removable molded thigh guard offers customized fit
  • Molded foam armour base liner adds strength & support to pad
  • Products Features

    Feature Description
    Category Elite
    Knee Cap PE Cap w/ Reinforced D3O Smart Foam
    Shin Cap Ribbed, Anatomical Plastic
    Liner Material Molded Foam Armour Base w/ Segmented Nylon
    Removable Liner Yes
    Strapping System Two, Neoprene, Elastic & Velcro / Semi-Adjustable
    Calf Protection Dual Molded, Anatomical Exposed HD Foam
    Side Knee Protection Yes, HD Foam
    Warranty 90 Days
    Sizes 14"-17"

    Sizing Information

    CCM Senior Shin Guards Sizing Chart
    Shin Guard Size 14" 15" 16" 17" 18"
    Age (years) 14+ 14+ 15+ 15+ 15+
    Height (ft) 5'4" - 5'7" 5'7" - 5'10" 5'10" - 6'2" 6'0"+ 6'2"+
    Weight (lbs) 120 - 160 140 - 180 160 - 200 180 - 220 200 - 240
    Knee to Skate Length (in) 13" - 14" 14" - 15" 15" - 16" 16" - 17" 17" - 18"