Dominate your Competition with the Easton HTX Synergy Stick

The new Easton Synergy HTX sticks feature top of the line technology and will be at the top of every player’s wish list this June at Source For Sports®.

Load and release with a new level of Synergy. The Synergy HTX comes with Hypertuned™ technology that connects the flex of the blade directly with the flex of the shaft. This allows players to have a more responsive blade for quicker snap shots. Pucks will blow by goaltenders with the Hypertoe™ design to make average shots harder! A four dial lie pattern on the blade, keeps the puck at the toe of the blade for smoother puck handling during the shot release. With the heel positioned slightly up, expect pucks to better stay on your stick which will allow you to get snap shot’s off quicker. The stick comes in two styles, grip-finish and regular finish. The grip finish coats the shaft to allow for better control and reduce hand slippage.


Energy Transfer

Taking load and release to the next level. Hypertuned™ technology tailors the flex of each blade specifically to the shaft flex to create a more responsive blade for every player.


Blade Angle

When shooting, the four dual lie patterns (E3, E3 LIE 5, E28, E36) keep the puck on the toe of the blade, connect the shooting portion to the ice and position the heel slightly up to fully load the blade.


Puck Position

Positioning the puck on the toe forces you to load the blade and creates more shot velocity. The patent pending Hypertoe™ design combines a stiffened toe with a softened taper to create more force with the same load.

Source For Sports® will ensure you are outfitted with the highest performance equipment using the Pro-Formance Advantage® fitting system. The Right product at the right price. Source For Sports® We Know Our Stuff® .